International contract law

  • Enforcement and defence of warranty and compensation claims nationally and internationally
  • Design and review of supply contracts, distribution agreements, transport contracts, contracts concerning plant machinery, cooperation agreements, IT-contracts etc.
  • Design of international arbitration agreements and clauses
  • Enforcement of contractual claims before arbitration tribunals nationally and internationally
  • Design and review of general terms and conditions
  • Legal design of webshops (E-commerce, etc.)
  • UN Sales Convention (UNCITRAL)
  • Incoterms

Liability of shopkeepers in shopping centres

In the event of damage in shopping centers, it is relevant whether there is a close relationship to the conclusion of the contract with shopkeepers. In this case, these are liable, even if damage occurs in general areas such as parking lots and lift systems. Subsidiary claims against the operator of the shopping center do not exist.


New ruling concerning lease fees

According to a new ruling by the VwGH, a contract is treated as a fixed-term contract even if only one contracting party renounces its right of termination, while the other party is limited to a few reasons for termination, which presuppose a misconduct on the part of the tenant. This has significant consequences for the calculation of lease fees.