• Founding of companies of all legal forms
  • Reorganisation of companies (mergers, contributions, demergers etc.)
  • Drafting of related contracts (e.g. partnership Agreements, syndication agreements, management contracts, joint venture Agreements, etc.)
  • Implementation of shareholders´meetings
  • Challenging of shareholders´resolutions
  • Dismissal of managing directors by court
  • Agreements on resignation of shareholders and members of executive boards
  • Legal disputes between shareholders

Beware of internal group financing in times of crisis!

A recent decision by the Austrian Supreme Court (OGH) brings a further tightening of liability for loans granted by group companies in crisis. OGH extends refund claim for downstream loans against the controlling parent company of the group. The Supreme Court affirms the right to compensation for disadvantages within the Group in the case of vertical lending (downstream) beyond the wording of the Austrian Equity Capital Act (EKEG) and beyond the principles of the prohibition of return of deposits.


Asset management is not a company!

OGH changes jurisdiction concerning divorce law. There is no longer protection against post-marital division for the business matter of real estate assets if they are mere asset management. If you want to avoid these consequences, a marriage contract is necessary.